I’m trying Dragon naturally speaking voice command software,  so from now on I can write my daily post online without the hassle of typing every command on my on-screen keyboard, the more I train that the Dragon I would be able to easily narrate my stories to maintain my blog post.

Of late I’ve been contemplating on starting my own blog which involves time and energy to type every word to word on my on-screen keyboard, and I have been procrastinating since this is a lot of effort both for the mind and body.

I owned my personal journal way back in 2004, a place where I grew up sharing my emotions, desires, thoughts and my art . I  had followers across the globe back then who followed my blog and connected with me through this virtual world. Today when I look back into those pages I see a very fragile person whose dream was so real and so true in every word she believed for herself.

Today I wish to share my journey along the way, every moment that’s made me a stronger person, experiences that has taken me to a different level and the everlasting dreams to reach new heights. I will write about my experiences as a person who deals with unique ways of getting things done, the complexity yet an ease me, encounters, moments and people who walk along my way to encourage, support, inspire and be friends with me.

Stay tuned for, THE VOICE WITHIN.


6 thoughts on “THE VOICE WITHIN

  1. Usha says:

    Deepa…wonderful to see this…and looking forward to your posts!

  2. shu says:

    Very happy see you back.
    Nostalgia, I still remember those days.
    Would love to see all your art work again.
    Jump on gal:)

  3. Jayan says:

    Super Deepa, keep going. its all yours,.. explore!!!

  4. Bhuvana says:


  5. Vasudha says:

    You rock, Deeps! If you get tired of the Dragon, just give me a shout. My fingers are ever ready to type away your thoughts.

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