It’s not hard to take decisions when you know what you really want

Plan your trip, pack your bags, get set go.. do not work for me.

When it comes to traveling there are lots of things to be prepared well in advance to ensure the travel will be safe and fun memorable one. USA was a dream destination from a very long time, I would have almost told everyone from Amma, Appa, Manager, Boss, Friends, SVP of EMC, chat friends, my driver, and even on the night before my sister’s wedding we chatted about this fantasy place I would soon visit.

Last year (Nov 2013) when my parents decided to visit my sister in Texas asked me if I could join them, I was little hesitant to take a quick decision because I was handling many things at work, projects that kept my hands tied even to think if I could take a long break. I was concerned about all the arrangements I have done to my daily routine needed to be broken from me stepping away.

But sometimes your heart is where your mind is, so I wrote to few organization in & around Houston area for internship related to disability studies, policies and ADA act., some places didn’t have an internship program but where open for visiting them to learn and few had already closed the applications and open registration only on fall. So I was ready to do my own research on accessibility, inclusion policies in US. Meanwhile my parents applied for the US visa went to Chennai consulate got their 10 years multiple entries approved, and with me still confused on deciding my plans.

The day I spoke to my HR partner about applying for a sabbatical to experience US, he just nodded his head and said ‘Individual experiences count in bringing change for better’ and my record said I have not applied long holiday from the time I joined the company …which is five and half years of no vacations 🙂

Here I was just a month away to apply for my visa, to finish all the quarters work and handover new once & learnings to my team to handle going further as I was gone away for long. Work-out alternative options for my people who help me …so my break won’t hurt their living.

The first step to my dreams destination obviously started at the US Visa Consulate office, Chennai Gemini Circle, Anna Salai…continues


USA My dream destiny

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