A Flight to my Dreams

My last post received highest number of share and hits with loads of discussions on sensitization and disability etiquette for staffs in large industry services with diverse customers and how it should be done on a regular basic to avoid such situations.

But, when I was at the Bangalore International Airport waiting in Emirates check-in counter, all the noise around me disappeared as I was enjoying the bliss of happiness to have made this possible beyond any hurdles, I was going to experience a barrier free country which embraces world’s most diverse population and to indulge in world’s largest economies of developed country. 

The long hour flight to the land that is been obsessed by millions of people was a ‘flight to my dreams’.  The first leg of the flight was easy and fast as we had transit in Dubai, I was excited seeing aerial view before landing with the city lit with its glittery, glitzy, and glam…  Burj stood tall among other skyscrapers.  Dubai is definitely one of the places I will visit soon. The last leg Dubai – George Bush Intercontinental Airport was impatience, I got very uncomfortable and kept the crews busy to keep me hydrated 🙂 

We landed around 4PM at Houston (IAH) with everyone queue to exit and I sat there for a flight attendant to bring the sky chair for  transfer. The assistance girl 6 foot tall black american with ease lifted me up and placed me in the wheelchair …to our surprise I have never been shifted with anyone else with such expertness 🙂 The airport huge and the immigration was prioritized accordingly with special counters for elderly, pregnant women and wheelchair user. The girl assisting was a student …20yrs and worked part time to save money for her next trip to Mexico, so I asked how she was comfortable lifting me? she said; I use best of all my abilities 🙂

My sister and brother-in law came to pick us up, my sister was 6month pregnant and seeing her baby bump was the best feeling in world. We all had happy tears and USA was going my home for next 6 months 182 days of discovering and exploring everything. 

Lavish living at Domain by Windsor

I stayed lavish at Domain by Windsor


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