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When I joined the mainstream corporate job in 2008, it opened up a huge platform for me to grow within as a person. I became very strong willed and built confidence that could break any ceiling, because a golden opportunity never comes often.

I gained social status where my folks and relatives started to notice the girl who was lost for a very long time; I had become financially lucrative in supporting the daily family affairs. I grew beyond my disability and started doing things beyond my weaknesses. I broke my physical or mental barriers step-by-step; every other experience taught me to redefine to a state where I don’t see any barriers except for solutions.

This journey of mine has left no stone unturned in the space of inclusion in a corporate environment, with the vision to give back to my community is been my biggest goal in life.

We started putting together the inclusive agenda within my organization towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities and to create an environment of equality. We have been very successful in the areas of spreading awareness to the management in understanding the different aspects of disability and its business imperative in having a diverse workforce. We have tapped into various sourcing model for including people with disabilities into our company and one of our key area is collaborating with other corporate to share the best practices in this journey of inclusion.

Lately the disability agenda is a popular trend among many such corporate and governmental sectors in building a ‘Disability Confident Organization’ and they continue to work in the areas of policies, affirmative action and nondiscrimination.

We have moved disability into board room discussion and every business units key target is to meet the diversity proposition. Every company has special drives for recuriting people with disabilities. We hear lots of success stories in teams morale and enablement who have adopted diversity as prerequisites to innovation and collaboration…

I have an privilege to participate as panelist in many such external D&I forums organized by other corporate companines to talk about “evolution of disability supports within organizations and D&I agenda within the corporate space”.Been active member of the various D&I forums and been a proactive accessibility evangelist.

I also wish to contribute towards building a barrier free society in India –in building similar policies as in developed countries like the US. You will hear with kind of projects I am trying to influence in goverment pretty soon.

I’m excited with the mandate for all India Inc to spend 2% of net profit in CSR initiative, which gives immense opportunity to enable the process stronger and spread ourselves in areas of technology, education, sports, entertainment, accessible infrastructure etc.

I’m more than confident now we have reached into mode inclusive transformation.

An amazing video which captures our journey so far in EMC!



  1. Karthik Jayaraman says:

    Wonderful Deepa! Please let us know how people like me in corporate environment outside India can be of help to you in taking this further. I would love to be at least a squirrel in this bridge making effort.

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