My Bucket List


Life is crazy; Life is a Dream; I know probably you must have heard it a lot before. Everyone has a dream …could be a big one or a small dream and my bucket list has lots and lots that I want to experience, enjoy and live life to its fullest before I die.

In this journey of life, dreams are the only visionary reflections of things that will keep us going forward in imagining a day of life that we want to be living.

So here is my bucket list/wish list and I will continue to keep track and update time to time:

  1. Make big money
  2. Write my own book
  3. Start digital painting
  4. Make bangalore sidewalk accessible
  5. Dive into swimming pool with a lovely swimsuit
  6. Go on a holiday cruise preferably in hawaii
  7. Learn a foreign language
  8. Be a motivational speaker
  9. Win some national and international awards and trophies
  10. Skydiving
  11. Experience in zero gravity
  12. Goa goa, go
  13. Import an wheelchair accessible car
  14. Build a farm house cum resort
  15. Adopt a child
  16. Europe trip with a bunch of friends
  17. Go on a ball dance
  18. Candlelight dinner with my potential partner
  19. Go on dating
  20. Experience Himalayas
  21. Taste best wines
  22. Stay at the Leela for a week
  23. Own an apartment with a private swimming pool
  24. Work in international projects on accessibilty for people with disability
  25. Learn Buddhism and follow Buddha
  26. Buy google classes
  27. Eat all kinds of exotic chocolates
  28. By the piece of land and sell it for a huge profit
  29. Stay in Tokyo for three years
  30. Find a soulmate
  31. Grow peaceful and calmer person day by day
  32. Collection of antique jewellery
  33. Watch a movie daily
  34. Collect Buddha’s artwork and statues
  35. Japanese boyfriend
  36. Live-in relationship
  37. Make big money
  38. Buy a trained labrador
  39. Speaking at ted international
  40. Study in Stanford university
  41. Marry maybe
  42. Spend the whole night in the streets
  43. Have a full-time personal care assistance
  44. Staying in NewYork city for two weeks
  45. Host an art exhibition and sell my art work
  46. Reduce 20 kg of my weight
  47. Be a part of this silent revolution by Sadhguru
  48. Meet Sadhguru at the ishayoga center in Coimbatore
  49. Meditate
  50. Go to a spa in Goa
  51. Get another tattoo
  52. Marathon with Raghava
  53. Promotion in career every two years
  54. Be an outstanding toastmaster
  55. Go on a world trip with my husband
  56. Buy a powerful wheelchair
  57. Visit Mumbai
  58. Spend a few days in a village
  59. Start my own company
  60. Cook a meal instructing my boyfriend
  61. Experience finest alcohol that has ever touched my tongue
  62. Travel in a ship
  63. Scuba dive in a wheelchair
  64. Spend a day doing and thinking nothing
  65. Script a documentary movie
  66. Buy 50 new dresses to wear
  67. Be a storyteller to share the journey of my life
  68. Happy hours, happy hours, happy hours, happy hours
  69. Shoot a video film in my google glasses
  70. Learn creative writing
  71. Celebrates new year in MG road
  72. Spend a day in polling station listening to stories criminals by inspectors
  73. Captures the sunrise in Tokyo
  74. Dope for few days
  75. Get tanned in the beaches of Miami
  76. Never procrastinate anything
  77. Get hair straightening done once
  78. Meet Rajinikanth and act just a single frame with him
  79. Go to Tomorrowlands 2017 concert
  80. Own a DSLR camera plugged with eye tracking device
  81. Be in bed with someone strange 😉 just counting stars
  82. Receive valentine’s surprise gift
  83. Be in radio station hosting the show
  84. Be on a hot air balloon ride
  85. Sex everywhere
  86. Ride in Porsche
  87. Paint my existing room with art of Kamasutra by Harsh inkbrushnme
  88. Do something that my parents will be super proud of me
  89. Learn yoga
  90. Act in a movie/theater
  91. My boyfriend to be super built, strong to whom weight really is like tossing a candy
  92. Voice control my mind
  93. Be with kids in asylum and support them
  94. Receive a card saying ‘i love you’
  95. Holding someone hands
  96. Throw a pyjama party at my house when everyone’s away
  97. Las Vegas gambling
  98. Hear to loads audible books
  99. Love my family until till I die
  100. Learn the art of Love
  101. …. List continues

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