Above and Beyond

Sometimes some titles choose people who have been there and done it. Above and beyond you are destined to meet such extraordinary people in your lifetime.

It was my moment yesterday when I met Mark Inglis, a mountaineer, researcher and an amazing speaker. He brought his real adventurous experience in front of the audience of climbing the Mt Cook when he was 23 years old, the weather forecast in NZ turned bizarre with him and his friend stuck in a small cave for 13 days without food and water with Mark’s feet buried in the cold ice, after rescue operations his legs had to be amputated knee-down because of a severe frostbite.

Today he is the only double amputee in the world to have climbed Mount Everest. He has experienced nothing but the highest degrees of passion and determination as he quotes “I believe I can fly” the Mark Inglis way.

In today’s world organizations are believing in what’s called the lifetime experience of any such extraordinary individuals to create The vision, Gaining Confidence and making everyone introspect within themselves in overcoming obstacles and to stand tall in a whole new light.

Innovation are made by such extreme engaging speakers who have proven to go beyond the physical limitations, I loved it when Mark said he has one less worry about frostbite when he’s climbing mountains now 🙂

Life is more about seeing beyond, when I connect my story with Mark Inglis it’s the same because,  I don’t worry about to walk, run, have a cup of coffee on my own but life has opened up so much for me that I can zoom across corridors in my wheelchair and probably have a cup of coffee given to me by a friend or a family person and it just works fine with these ways  and I live a very fulfilling and a happy life. I don’t grade myself with anyone neither do I disgrade myself.

So folks I quote ‘disability is just the state of mind’ and ‘life is about living your dreams’

Know more about Mark Inglis and his amazing adventures http://markinglis.co.nz/

I also hope to see Mt Everest of 10% of what Mark saw hmm probably till the base camp 🙂 looking to connect with such enthu troops.


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