Every child has a special way in adding joy and purpose to your life

Who doesn’t love children right, their innocence, playfulness and their ways to want something and  easy as the time goes by making everyone around them happy and joyful

My sister Shilpa is five years younger to me, so I was all grown up and remember seeing her when she was born in the hospital. My dad took me to the hospital and mom said that my baby sister was born and she will be my best friend and a little sister who will care for me thereafter. I remember my childhood days where I used to teach Shilpa alphabets, rhymes and remember feeding her by telling Cinderella stories.

Today after 20 years I enjoy the same being with my brother’s children Nrutya & Vedant. When Nrutya baby was born I was extremely happy as we had a baby in our house after so many years and at the same time I had my own doubts and fear.

Every night I was disturbed thinking what if Nrutya didn’t love her Athai (aunt) as much as she would love others because everyone around her will lift her, hug her, kiss her, pacify her and offcourse feed her. Whereas I will not be able to do any of the above as of lifting her, or hugging her … I thought she will not understand my love without the above actions and feared becoming close to the baby that I adore. I did confess my fear with my family members and everyone consoled me by saying that “I am the best athai and she will love me the most.

To my surprise as Nrutya started to grow up, she always responded to my voice and smile cheerfully, she would crawl to my wheelchair to hold the tires to practice standing, when she was around two years old she used to climb on me by herself to give me a big hug and a kiss. Till date I have never lifted her but she climbs to sit on my lap as we both sing rhymes together, read lot of storybooks, we play Thomas and friends together. She also knows how to help her Athai when required; she happily feeds me her lays chips when we both watch Chota Bheem and Chutki.

Nrutya built a lot of confidence in me to just enjoy who I am. She brought a greater sense of happiness and peace in my life. She also thought how kids adapt to their surroundings and people. When Vedant and Dhruv (my sis baby) was born I didn’t fear this time as I knew they will also love me as much as I love them.

Holidays are the best time to be around them, the amount of craziness and naughtiness they do is unbelievable but at the same time I just love when they both love my company with them.

This has led me in wishing to have my own child or even adopt one in my future, because I know I can give my best and I know that I am deserving of that LOVE.


One thought on “Every child has a special way in adding joy and purpose to your life

  1. Shubha says:

    Gal, may your dreams come true 😘

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