As the year winds up and 2015 blossoms

2014 memories

2014 ‘wow’ what an amazing year that went passed so quickly, last year this time I was in US enjoying the winter cold and my long sabbatical break. The year has been more on exploring side for me, as I visited the extreme West and the East side countries (Houston & Tokyo mainly), and it was lovely to understand their cultures, meet interesting people and visit different places.

While US is extremely friendly for wheelchair accessibility with big roads, nicely done sidewalks, disciplined road manners, people are always busy in doing their daily routines. I would every day see cars leave exactly at 7:30 AM and return back at sharp 4:45 PM. Over the weekend I would see cars remain in their parking lots until it was Monday morning 🙂 I saw this pattern for more than six months. Not that I could easily meet up with someone or make friends easily, as I only saw more cars than of real people 🙂

But I had best time having some best cuisines from American, Mexican, Thai, to Italian. Partying and stuffing face with some amazing pastries and ice creams and cheese-all-times. I remember me & my sis hogging Burritos and stuffed free unlimited ice-cream just before a day she delivered ‘Dhruv baby’ born as a Valentine’s Day surprise gift February 14, 2014 🙂

Enjoyed the company of Ashok and Abhi … both match my wavelength of thoughts or should say the type of life sometime imagined to live… easy and cool and downright to explore everything, not stuck into the box of cultural institutions (I hate them). We three went to Sigmund Freud’s Theatre play, I went tipsy in an art exhibition show and we explored some beads & jewelry making by Abhi. I met Oralia Diaz, Terry and couple of interesting people at Wheeling outdoors & sietediaz movie night. Jackie Cantu thank you so much for those tissues….the movie was to emotional 🙂

Tokyo on other end was magnificent because I went around to a lot of places for just a weeks’ time, went out with a bunch of friends (Shuhei, Joy, Sunny and David) for a late-night party travelling three metro stations at the heart of Tokyo and returned back around 12.30 midnight with such an ease. I haven’t dared to explore something like this in Bangalore 😉 Everything about Tokyo was friendlier for me, be it the amazing and humble people wherever we went, Ito who helped us in taking us to different places and being the best guide. I cherish the moment of realizing my dream in visiting THE BIG BUDDHA at Kamakura.

Getting back to the routine after my sabbatical period was the toughest, I started work from June 1, 2014 after the long six months break. I had to get back on track to sit for 14 hours straight everyday, travelling in Bangalore roads as everyone knows is a nightmare and mainly to figure out what was my next calling.

Things got more clearer from the career aspects as I knew what’s that I really aimed doing going forward, six years being a marketing and communication professionals I had done everything in the scope of job, there is always lateral promotions and learnings but I was keen to explore dynamism.

This year I even realized my biggest goals as a speaker, I spoke at Grace Hopper’s conference for the track ‘Think Different Make A Difference’. Was a speaker at Springboard conference 2014 held in Tokyo, entitled ‘Disability Matters’ and represented EMC in receiving the Workplace Award. And Speaker at FailCon an international one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success. Its was a surprise that I was called on stage to speak at ‘India Inclusion Summit 2014’ most memorable moment.  Was part as panel discussions and speaker in various companies as part of the Diversity and Inclusion events. Lastly It was a honor to be one of the chief guest and speaker at Asha Kiran, special school for autistic children another most Cherished the evening spent with the children and the teachers.

“Some of the surprise gifts that I received this year was a Valentine gift sent when I was in US by Santosh (India to US ahh) definitely surprised me, Beats headphones as my birthday gift by my sister, bliss chocolate hampers and mud cake sent home that surprised the entire family by ANZ, Thank you Vinay and you know why (coughs) and last but not the least new year gift a “Plantronics headphones” by Chandru who happens to be a good friend and colleague. I should mention that I have a gift that’s still pending by someone 😉 hope you read my blog and hope you know I am still awaiting the gift from you especially ;)”

“I also learnt few life lesson, don’t dread on anything give it a break and introspect later, it’s good to move away if you’re not belonging in that space, traveling definitely opens up new dimensions of learnings, It good to follow what your heart than your mind, Take challenges in life, Build your network, Spend time for people who need you rather whom you need, Tattoo recite the person you’re deep within,  Always have spectrum of thoughts and desires, Be grateful for everything, Play with kids and most importantly NEVER GIVE UPON LOVE <3”

As the year winds up and 2015 blossoms I wish everyone a very happy and successful year ahead.

Be happy and remain peaceful 🙂


2 thoughts on “As the year winds up and 2015 blossoms

  1. Shahana says:

    Another interesting, beautiful and inspiring blog from Deepa….Keep it up! Wish you too a wonderful year filled with loads of fun and laurels of success! 🙂

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