Being tattooed,…

People may think you are fragile or you’re too complicated or even out of this world 🙂 but something within you is the true self of what you are and what you want to be seen.

And then, when you don’t fall into this larger category of people, you have to create your own unique ways to be who you are.

So when you don’t get access to big schools like IIM, IIT or Harvard as you were dropped out of schooling because of the complicated situations and inaccessible environment… You educate yourself through your daily life and probably catch up with some books.

Likewise when everyone looks up to pretty looking girl in stilettos, whose dynamic and articulate …who comes across every guy… And if you’re a girl in a wheelchair than you could sometimes be considered as out of the league.

With me, I never used a wheelchair until recently (7yrs back) when I found my job in the corporate world, so I had to create my own unique style being in a wheelchair.  Being comfortable and being communicative is something I really believe…

I zoom across corridors with my powered wheelchair to catch up with my meetings or to catch up with my lunchtime lol, I do make a lot of head turn to see the unique joystick controlled girl in corridors, I catch up all the current trends of fashion be it wearing skirts, tank tops or being traditional with salwar kameez.

But one thing that I found solace is being tattooed, yes I have three tattoos done so far and everything has its own meaning to my life. It communicates myself to this pain I take in daily life and it reminds of all that I’m, …again nothing out of this world as people get tattooed every seconds.

  • Buddha…reminds me still in the process to attain enlightenment striking a balance of mindfulness, awareness and wisdom at same time remaining in peace with this life of sufferings.
  • Dandelion reminds me of all my dreams that come true and that life is too short a period of gesture.
  • A Heart filled with red color, is true of its nature. Someone to love me by heart and accept me of my true nature.




3 thoughts on “Being tattooed,…

  1. Shahana says:

    Beautiful like always…etched with deep emotions straight from the heart…:) XOXO

  2. roopachetan says:

    Beautifully written Deepa

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