Unique Bonding

Today I just want to talk about two people who were destined to meet after a long time and is just so wonderful that it happened, indeed it is about me and Pradeep Sinha unique ways to bond.

I met Pradeep few years back in Enable India at Shanti office in Koramangala, Shanti was signing to Pradeep about me and introduced me to him through sign language. Pradeep has visual and hearing impairment, so basically Pradeep cannot see, hear or speak. He quickly smiled nodding his head as he tried to locate me for shaking my hand, it was a very brief meet with Pradeep that day.

But definitely knowing Pradeep it has a long lasting impact on anyone. He hails from Kolkata, diagnosed with hearing loss due to Rubella Syndrome and lost vision at age of 10. He takes pride in himself on being the first in his family to travel by train to Bengaluru, that too alone. He has done Diploma in Computer and quite proficient in using technology. Worked as Deafblind trainer-Assistant and has received the CavinKare Ability Award in Madras in the year March 2003.

We both meet after six years of time, and I was so happy to see Pradeep once again and this time our encounters will go a very long way

I had my own doubts as to how I will communicate with Pradeep as I cannot move my arms to hold him to do the sign and neither did Pradeep understand what was happening around him as every time someone signs him that Deepa is around he used to try reaching out to hold my hands and to his perplexity he would never get my hands holding back.

Marine was interpreting to Pradeep during the training sessions, and she was the key person now who could to communicate back on why  I seem distanced with Pradeep, so I told Marine “tell Pradeep I wish to communicate to him but since I can’t move my hands, it’s getting on our way to talk to each other” while she translates this back I get immediate reply from Pradeep signing “say her not to worry and I will Watsapp her”. That was bang on how technology has helped people go beyond to reach any heights to break barriers in enabling anyone.

Yes,  we communicate through SMS or Watsapp and I feel really close to a friend to be able to communicate my thoughts directly to him. Pradeep was also found a unique technique to hold my left hand for a good shake hands  🙂

Pradeep is interning with EMC on a one-year internship program. As someone who initiated and drives this program at EMC it gives me a lot of happiness and pride to have such amazing strong willed, determined people part of the internship program. I truly believe in inclusion and truly believe in not letting anyone behind.

Pradeep uses a refreshable braille display device for working on computer and his mobile phone that enables him to read and access information. He is currently being trained as Delivery Specialist in Professional Services organization at EMC. His current project team members are perfectly inclusive people and am happy that he is going to be associated with them for a extended period of time.

Pradeep wishes to complete this the training, as wants to settle down with a regular job and work towards realizing his life goal.

While I feel so confident that this bonding has made me more stronger person from within for being able to express myself for whoever I’m 🙂

Traning at EMC

Traning session at EMC


Refreshable braille display

Pradeep with his expensive Refreshable Braille Display …




7 thoughts on “Unique Bonding

  1. Abhik Deb Barman says:

    Hello Deepa, very nicely have given words to thoughts. Really enjoyed reading it and glad that i am now part of this mission too.

  2. I found your blog through your interview with Lakshmi Rebecca. You are an amazing person, And I loved your blog.
    My heart died a little when you had the communication issue with Pradeep and than whatsapp part brought big huge smile on my face. You have really expressive writing. I loved reading your post. Again so glad to meet you virtually. Love! =)

  3. Dr SS says:

    Hi Deepa, thank you for such a beautiful writing of your feelings and about one of the greatest souls. 🙂

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