Discovering Intuits

Today was one of days where I step away from regular routine sitting in desk working,  to a place of intuitiveness.

Yes, today I was at INTUIT, Eco Space Bangalore Office. I was invited to be one of the speakers for their Intuit Ignite event called “Special Needs and Abilities Network”. It was great opportunity for me to share my experiences and learnings in the space of inclusion. I was overwhelmed with their convivial and the warm atmosphere.

While, Vijay Anand, VP & Head, Intuit India reinforced the diversity priorities and Saurabh Saxena, Director & Sponsor SNAN Network welcomed everyone , the teams at Intuit has a bigger vision in creating an equal opportunity for everyone and empower their employees in all aspects, and create accessible technology. I could sense a great amount of dedication and commitment with the inclusion team to drive these initiatives and to learn at every step.

A big shout out to Sriniwasan, Deepa Soundarajan, Anil Pakina, Bhibakar, Zubin and Naina who hosted me for private lunch session as we discussed various stages of inclusion and maturity that happens within an organization, as we knew there is so much we could do in enabling our people and be conducive to this environment.

As they say “Diverse Markets are Best Served by a Diverse Workforce”. Way to go INTUIT


2 thoughts on “Discovering Intuits

  1. Naina Agarwal says:

    It was truly inspirational to hear about your life journey……..a great learning opportunity indeed !!! It was an honour to have you amongst us at Intuit today……….

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