Looking back at the girl & women in me is been beautiful.

As a girl my mom thought me how to take care of the emotional yet courage’s self in me, to enjoy every the stages of life and embrace every moment. She always asked me to raise one level up to face this world and to never give up. My dad taught me how to protect myself in any given situation; he holds my hands to show me I could do anything possible if I had my heart to it and walks past me to never let me fall.

My parents indeed thought my brother how to take care of his two sisters., he was a very intuitive child who understood his one sister required more care and support as he has been the best brother to whom I can lean-in for any supports and guidance throughout my life. My sister & I share a best relationship, being the oldest I take charge to advice & be bossy sometime but mostly we love hanging around eachother.

It is the family that enriches and empowers the girl, My grandma wished I experienced everything in my life, she thought me to be brave and to voice out my likes and dislikes on the other hands grandpa protected me like a flower that shouldn’t be hurt by anyone or by anything, he loved me by all this heart and I said I was whole and complete in all aspects of my life.

Lots of people have been part of uplifting different stages of my life, without whom I wouldn’t call myself complete, like those days extended families like uncles and aunts played a big role in a joint family. My education by far happened only because of my Raju uncle , he lifted me to school every day to my class in the fourth floor and so that is how I’ve been learned, All my scribes (students) who supported to scribe during my exams. Shanti Ma’am who changed the entire direction of calling in my life, My ex-boss Sundar & Sarv who believed I was a good resource to the company and many many more who stood close to realize my dreams. My gratitude overflows to them whenever I think of the times everyone is been empathetic to me and my situation.

I’ve personally grown stronger deep within be it playing a role of daughter, sister-in-law or an aunt, drawn strength every situation as friend, mentor, colleague, sister, or a friend …,,  disarmed barriers through hope and smiles.

As always remember life springs back at you for new relations, new people and new circumstances and more…As I find myself to be blessed, cared and wonderful …I wish everyone who’s making the difference in other lives and making life so special…. Happy Women’s Day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Looking back at the girl & women in me is been beautiful.

  1. Shubha says:

    So true, family bonding is the key😊.
    Takes me back to those (double road) days gal.

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