Limelight on some grey areas never discussed before _ Women, Disability & Sexuality

Lying down in my bed after long day watching how Lakshmi steers the show with some extraordinary people have always inspired me. I’ve been a big follower of ‘The Chai with Lakshmi’ show ever since, Lakshmi is a very strong character, with amazing attitude toward life.

When I met Lakshmi on a casual meet at my place last year, we shared a lot and both knew we had some connect.

  • August 13, 2014 I fb messaged: Lakshmi it was amazing to meet you …I feel so good today. Hmm there is lot I told u and lots I missed out .. anyway I often have thought when I see movies like Black, or TaareZameenPar is to seek your partnership to create a movie based on love .relationship .sex and women on wheels. Indians movies have not done any theme on this.. Neither has our society been open for such encounters. But a movie can leave a mark at this space. What you think? A simple story line with an intense character play? I just want to know if this makes sense to you? If it does we can align everything to make it happen

Today, it is all conceived together as I am so thrilled and wowed being part of ‘The Lakshmi Rebecca Show‘. Lakshmi connected all the dots together when I received a call to be in a show featuring Kalki Koechlin who played lead role in the movie “Margarita with a straw” to have a conversation on “Women, Disability & Sexuality”.

Over a decade these topics were sidelined, ignored … we realize the taboo that silenced, being stereotypes and disabled people’s sexuality has been suppressed and destroyed, over many centuries.

But, today in a modern era its about shifting attitudes, instilling awareness and enhancing lives. While these topic make ways in thinking outside the box, to vision change and acceptance, by large inclusion in society.

While the western world has swirled these subjects for many years now, how do we close the gap?
I have been receiving great feedback from many, I think it’s the right moment we redefine the peculiarity about Women, Disability & Sexuality 🙂

Watch the show & leave your comments/suggestion, while I get some The Weeknd music on – Ariana Grande Love Me Harder

Would You Date a Woman with a Disability?

Would You Date a Woman with a Disability?







7 thoughts on “Limelight on some grey areas never discussed before _ Women, Disability & Sexuality

  1. Deepa says:

    Today I saw ur discussion with Kalki for ‘Margarita with a straw’
    It was such a sweet discussion on rather a serious topic..

    The way you put the things was very nice and to the point liked it very much.
    Ur confidence levels are amazing
    Feels happy that society is exploring that aspect also in rather a exploitative way which is good for future generation at least i feel.

    Even i came across an organization call Wanted Umbrella (not sure if you heard of it) who is doing similar effort ,
    Keep the smile on your face never fading. 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Deepa 🙂 I will look up Wanted Umbrella for sure.

  3. shubha says:

    Hey Deeps, I just saw your talk show with Lakshmi Rebecca
    Such great show, with really strong message.
    It was really heart touching, tears in my eyes. I have lived with you, I have seen what you are really capable of.
    I still remember the first day you came with me to explore EMC and see the way you pulled it off ( I can count number of examples as this one)
    I see you as person who can vision something ahead and make your dreams come true. So don’t stop dreaming

    Everything will fall into place soon.
    Love you so much, take care.

    • Shub, thank you so much, I agree you all know me way to well to really understand the my feeling and emotions. I have always believed families play a very imp role in enabling every individual to grow wiser. 🙂 Xoxo to you, I wish to rewind our good old days. 🙂

  4. Hello Deepa,
    Kudos to your strength . I am having a different kind of nerve disorder, i totally connect to the stuck with 4 walls feelings brought out by you. I do loose my strength sometime, like on nd off.. but seeing the talk show with lakshmi , hearing ur experiences
    has motivated me to do more than i thot i could.
    thanks a ton !!!!!!
    congratulations on ur achivements !!!!!!!!!

  5. Reblogged this on The Ugly Duckling's Life and commented:
    I saw this show on Lakshmi Rebecca’s blog today. And I hope all of you would go and check her blog and see the show because it was really good. She’s a lovely lady. Send her some love.

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