Absolutely, who can write about Failures other than me, I have cried over it, felt rejected, angred myself and everyone around me, hated that I did because I can easily pick up so many failures in my life

So I didn’t understand what was happening to me, my body and my condition for longest period of my life. I thought life failed me in not letting me be Who I Wanted To Be, every failure let me move on to another until I found my Own Ways Of Expression.

For instance it took me 3 year to find my current job, every failed interview and rejection put me in doing the right things like I had to bold and confident at different levels, I knew how I could have done better at some to how I screwed up few interview. Rejection and failing put me straight in handling many situations smartly.

When I decided to pick on a fulltime job to stay away from my folks and comfort of home for 14hrs a day, I knew it was a Risk and my parents feared Failure. But today to have taken such risk and finding ways to be successful made me a professional, liberated, financially strong and exploring the world of dreams.

Many times speaking up your wants without the fear of failure like; Be it a promotion conversation with your boss or sharing your views in your team meeting pays off. I have always taken that gut to voice out and taking those challenges that led to success.

I love to have an ideal partner …a companion in my life and everything I do in this has nothing  but been a failure, be in fear of what my family would think to looking for someone through online dating or failed past experience feared me not getting in any relationship at all, but on contrary today I choose to run around this maze to be on unknown paths, failing to complete understand where I heading to finally hit my tunnel of light someday 🙂


So, go on do things that you love and not fear the failure.



2 thoughts on “HAPPY FAILING

  1. Failing is the step stone of success Happy failing ……learn more

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