‘Rolling in Deep’

Finding youself

A strong powerful book, a movie, one women…infinite possibilities and daily instances. Let me tell interlinks of what has been running as a clear picture in my head.

I met Preeti Moong in a conference in Mumbai, we were at a breakout session when I got introduced to Preeti a founder trustee of Silver Linings Foundation, and a motivational speaker. I noticed a awesomely well dressed classy women in her 50’s who will be giving a session for all corporate diversity professionals. I quickly apologized Preeti that I will miss the session as I had flight to board., but we had some time to talk on our work, interests and similarities while I was told about Preeti’s  autobiography, called ‘THE OTHER SENSES’ …A life of a girl who bubbles her early childhood in Agartala, Tripura discovers various ways to challenge the disability of blindness, to experience a turbulence of a broken marriage, hurts, despair, pain but with a burning desire to earn self-respect and freedom, steered her to become an Aerobic instructor (the first blind person to have taken this on as a career), to find herself with the love of her children and love from her long found love cum husband. The audible book has shifted my belief one step stronger to look for the strength within, to never breakdown and grab dreams along way.

On other routine, some weekend gets tied with family affairs together, we all happen to go for tamil movie night ‘36 Vayadhinile’ (36 old) staring Jyothika’s (south indian actress) come back movie, where the fairy stuff Vasanthi played (Jyothika) becomes triumphant overnight and gets an invitation from the President to meet her, lol, anyway what got me was …It really doesn’t matter what your age or life situation happen to be, life constantly circle around to find the inner self. Either you unconsciously or consciously seek this path to find yourself.

Also professionally leading Diversity & Inclusion, I believe in ‘One women…infinite possibilities’ where big corporates enable Gender inclusivity an affirmative action, which enables the power to find once strengths to turn into actions. The power of divas from the working mother or the homemaker is finding oneself in the deeper meaning of life.

While my daily instances revolves like the song ‘Rolling in Deep’’ with the fever of finding the beat within. While everything is a trail of unknown paths to seek the light within darkness.