Bangkok, Oriental setting

Like a song from the 80’s by Murray Head ‘One night in Bangkok’ playing my list, this post is about the beautiful oriental city I visited recently.

I was in love with the city, Bangkok was vibrant and beaming with its rapid modernization. It’s one of top tourist destination for many pouring around the world, captivated by its history, urban tall storey buildings and shopping malls.

We landed at ‘Siam Kempinski’ a 5 star hotel wowed us with its grandeur lobby with Thai elements and European design, and the luxury of staying at pool side of balcony and spacious bathroom with jagguzi, I never wanted to leave the room.

But I longed to visit ‘Wat Muang’ Great Buddha of Thailand or known as The Big Buddha stands 300 ft high, with a radiant gold painted sits the ninth tallest Buddha statue in the world. Looking at the Buddha with the sky and cloud moving made my heart felt lighter as peace seeped inside me. The temple also has representation of heaven and hell figures, good and bad deeds, Thai god paradise and a huge statue of Kuan Im goddess.

On the move it was Buddha along a muddy old river or a longest peaceful reclining Buddha, lying in an open area.  I could’nt get enough of listening to history of  Burmese war the monastery of Wat Maha That in old capital city Ayutthaya, built to house a relic of Buddha, this is a Vipassana Meditation centre back then. This place is way bigger and drains the water in us with no shades, I could see the body and head of Buddha separated during war periods ..but I stood calmly watching the wonders of Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

The song goes on with God in every golden cloister A little flesh, a little history I can feel an angel slidin’ up to me. Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) is a must visit, the statue gleams with solid-gold and housed in four-storey marble structure. The place so scared with such richness and purity that even the most world-weary are inspired by its strength and power.

Most of time I didn’t feel eating in the land of Oysters with inexhaustible fragrance of Shrimps but we managed to keep hydrated with fresh tender coconuts, and lunch consist of  a bowl of fragrant Thai rice and green curry made with coconut milk, green curry paste alongside roasted cashews, sweet soy sauce, onions, chilies, pepper, carrot and loads of salads & fruits.

Shopping shop shop everyplace we went be it at The Royal Grand Palace, Bang PaIn Royal Palace, Baiyoke sky and Floating market. We most enjoyed were The Thai Village Cultural Show at the Rose Garden, we loved the Bamboo Dance and mythical traditions. Thai kickboxing and sword fighting; a traditional wedding ceremony.

Bangkok much between despair and ecstasy and the city didn’t know what the city was getting, The bomb blast was at close proximity from where we stayed, Ratchaprasong intersection was busy with tourists and the area was home to many shopping malls and hotels. I just came back from the area of The Erawan Shrine which had beautiful sculptures of Brahma & Ganesh 5 minutes back, we heard a big thunder like sound and saw thick smoke in the cloud from our hotel balcony., much to our confusions it was a bomb. Thanks to lord we & other participants attending the Disability Matters Conference from 7 different countries were safe.

The trip was possible because of Prasong who runs Wheelchair Tours Thailand, the comfort of a Toyota commuter with wheelchair hydraulic lift made my travel easy and smooth. Great hospitality by our English speaking guide Nattadej and our chauffeur. Special thanks to Prasong who took time to meet us with family, we were humbled meeting you all and the amazing service.

Rolling up a country filled with Buddhist values & Buddha and This journey of me seeking Buddha in every walk of my life realized the Power of Divinity and the Power of Now.


Wat Maung

In front on The Great Buddha_Wat Maung

Floating Market Shopping

Floating Market Shopping

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Thai Veggies ;) I survived

Thai Veggies 😉 we survived

At Asiatique Riverfront with Prasong & family, who runs Wheelchair accessible tourist services.

At Asiatique Riverfront with Prasong & family, who runs Wheelchair accessible tourist services in Thailand.

People in Hell

Giant figures of People in Hell

The temple of Golden Buddha

The temple of Golden Buddha

Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

With Nattadej and our chauffeur, accessible van in background

Nattadej and our chauffeur, with accessible luxurious toyota commuter in background



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    Our company is very pleased to have the opportunity to service you and your family. Thank you very much.

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