Wow as the year 2015 trickles down… Love 2016!!!

Wow as the year 2015 trickles down, penning this post with fresh memories of months gone by astounds me. It’s been busiest year with so many many things I got involved, connected with some amazing people, stories of many that changed my deeper connect to courage & spirit, saw a country filled with Buddha sculptures and neon lights, featured in a popular youtube channel on unsung topic of ‘Sexualtity’ & ‘Disability’ with Lakshmi & Kalki Koechlin, staged bigger platforms as motivational speaker, corporate panelist, represented my company on receiving international awards, hosted world’s largest platform that fosters diversity & inclusion in India, checked few from my bucket list (yaaaayyyyeee) and a sudden surprise call from government to felicitate me with a state level award. Kept me going with many such…

Biggest realization is how I could take Amma & Appa to some international tours, because if we rewind time they know., I know, how much they wanted me to explore  the world just outside my home. They are proud of me that I never gave upon life and currently spent big time on such worldly explorations 😉 … also not everyone gets as lucky as me to have all amazing time with Appa Amma.

N Everytime I get on stage to speak, I connect to the deeper meanings and depth to all my  life instances and experiences.  I have indeed come a long long way …to be heard and to be known 🙂

But everytime I manifest a dream, I introspect more to my inner peace, to calm myself and to transcend all this limitations of thought, emotion and action.

Happy New Year to All.  Love & Peace



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