Step forward to Inclusive India!

What happens when we are totally aware of the geographic/community/environment we operate? We definitely become sensitive and responsible to many aspects of our eco-system and we’ve seen how education, politics, industries, science, technology, communities and individuals bring disruptive patterns with this awareness.

Over few years we all have evolved certainly to larger extend of positive and meaningful disruption to mankind. Like there many things we can talk about from humanized robot to our very critical Skill India campaign that needs momentum but today I’m gonna talk about CSR (corporate social responsibility)

CSR by definition that every company is responsible towards its community and environment. CSR has been gaining lots of wins in societal awareness, changing lives of many. Lik my company, EMC has made CSR strategy a primary focus, for ex one of our main focus area is education, the school adoption program has enabled thousands of rural students to get access to: classrooms to study, computer lab, mobile science lab, clean restrooms and drinking water facility and this has opened meaningful volunteering opportunity to EMC employees where they actively involved in bringing about these initiatives and being responsible. 1.4 million children aged 6-14 remain out of school in India, means we still have long way to go.

Likewise I was guest speaker of ‘1 Step’ an L&T Infotech CSR launch event partnering with Seva-in Action (SiA), organized a Special Quiz exclusively for children with disabilities this  Saturday. Seated with the audience I was blown away by the talent showcased by these kids, Quizabled 2016 set an amazing platform to these children with intellectual disabilities, autism, hearing and visual impairment in quizzing and broke the myths around children with intellectual disabilities. Their smartness, quick responses and knowledge defined their strong ability. Ruma Banerjee chair of SiA said apart from the 30 schools, the parents of many took active involvement in participation of their children, with 160 participants. Discussing with Venkataraman, Head of Global Business Operations., L&T Infotech highlighted their key program on remote class room training they conducted digitally to rural school, such program basis technology plays a great enabler. Kudos to Vinod CSR Lead L&T and 90 + Volunteers 20 rep from Seva in action,3 quiz masters pulling together a meaningful initiative, hope this goes into annual calendar and more joining hands for Quizable.

When I rewind time, I started work 8 years back,. being a women and in a wheelchair… I felt I was the only person so unique and different zooming around the corridors of my office, …I was quickly identified even in crowd of 1000 people, I was watched… sometimes stared, some questioned what made me strong, why I choose to work or rather how I gain experience to work, one person even told me he has lot of questions to ask about my smile & will J

Today we are mainstream, we all are players in this inclusion and unique prospects.



3 thoughts on “Step forward to Inclusive India!

  1. mrk2015 says:

    A special day with special kids.

  2. SanStorm says:

    Indeed touching post.. Loved your thoughts and how you have come a long way in this journey.. There is still much more so enjoy the ride.. This is just a step towards to be Exclusive of all Inclusive..!! 🙂

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