Power of Love that revolve the Universe!!!

No, no in a vehement denial, I hear the girl baby was abandoned wrapped in bundle of clothes thrown near a railway track, another was considered bad omen to a well-educated family who recklessly gives away a baby girl, a new comer just 90 days 3 months old found in a drainage left to fend for herself, all these baby girls are orphaned to battle life for themselves by their loved once., just because they were born like that …

My visit to Swanthana was long due, and I decided to go on my birthday with my niece Nrutya (6yrs old), previous night we both go shop for the kids, Nrutya picked everything she put her eyes on books, crayons, haribands, hairclips, balloons, dresses, chocolates and cakes. On way Nrutya gets excited to meet everyone, just to make her understand where I’m taking her ‘I tell Nrutya, the babies and girls we are meeting do not family like us …She was curious to know why, but I just told; they need all your love Nrutya, just like how you love athai (me). She smiles and says I love you so much athai, it’s your birthday.

Swanthana, started in 2006 and is run by the Daughters of St. Camillus. Swanthana opens its doors to all children with special needs; the children’s of Swanthana are mostly brought by the local police who found them abandoned in the garbage bins, city’s railway and bus yards, filthy drainage pipes. Currently, Swanthana has 46 girls between the ages 3 months and 20 years, who are mentally challenged and have multiple disabilities.

Deepthi quickly was attached chatting with me, wanted to know how to move my wheelchair joystick. She got onto my footrest happily asking me about how I move, while talking to Regina Sister I gotto know she was abandoned by family considering the baby is curse, today the girl is doing so well, she had to go through multiple brain surgery but she has improved. Lia the talkative and naughtiest, when asked what is your name? pronouncing letters says L I A, Lia as often everyone mistake it to Ria. Lia 3yr old found battling life at 5 months, Lia had a second head grown behind and after many surgeries and with proper  nursing care and nutrition, Lia is sharpest kid for 3yrs old. Amu, with her cutest smile waived ‘Hi’ with an innocent shy., Amu was affected on both her limbs is most determined to stand on her own feet. She constantly need orthopedic care and her physiotherapist has seen her fast improvement to stand with support of calipers. Aashiqui goes to nearby school, some girls go to school and some are rejected to get admission. Aashiqui is studying 3rd class speaks fluent English., this darling had deformed jaw line when born., like others multiple surgery has survived the kid. Many many more kids have more to their harsh truth of life and journeys.

While tears rolled down my eyes with lots of questions about motherhood, ignorance, poverty, helplessness, resentments, circumstance, what choices did the kids have when born? who’s cursed? who suffers? I was feeling lost, I was not entirely sure to follow all my emotions, my childhood memories lasts deep within …my folks, my grandparents everyone cared securing me, my strengths, my wellness, my education, my feeling, emotions, hopes, dreams. While completely ignoring euphemism what others dare to negatively sympathies our lives.

Today most care at Swanthana comes from 11 nuns and 15 caretakers round the clock taking good care of the kids, all the girls speak minimum 4 languages, depends who is volunteering around the world to pour love and plant hopes in their hearts., Each child exhibit so much potential when given an opportunity,


Amu Smiles

Amu’s cute smile.

Chatting with Deepthi

Chatty with Deepthi

Deepthi loves my joystick

Deepthi loves my joystick

Nrutya (r) and Aashiqui (l). Nrutya was also emotional, she didn't know how to express. But wants to them often.

Nrutya (r) and Aashiqui (l). Nrutya was also emotional, she didn’t know how to express. But wants to visit them often.

Swanthana family

Blessed Swanthana family!

Lia playing with balloon

I just love Lia.


3 thoughts on “Power of Love that revolve the Universe!!!

  1. SanStorm says:

    One of your best post so far.. written with pure emotions.. great to see you doing the wonderful work, enjoying quality time with kids.. loved n felt it reading your post..!

  2. Santu I feel good to know you felt my words ((((hugs)))

  3. Varsha says:

    Wow thanks for writing this. I used to volunteer there before moving back to Singapore. I was very fond of Deepthi and am so happy to see this post featuring her. Thank you! 🙂

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