When the going gets tough the tough gets going

Bang you are here to see or know what happen to me!!! I also want to pour out my emotions. Ahhh let me breath typing Life is a mystery and none controls it. With pain around my face, I see my scars emoting so much of my past I have come across with grit. My tears don’t flow easily because I have embraced everything life has for me. Being a girl with a very fragile heart & emotions, I built my strength through every tear, every challenge, every hardship, every disappointment, and every fall …I had to get-up to go beyond the impossible.

Last week was the powerful week being part of global advancement of women that happen in Mumbai, who would have known I equal the race of RISK-TAKERS, CHANGE MAKERS: WOMEN RISING. Today, I stand strong, young, empowered and progressive Indian women with a slight caveat of disability.


Stayed at Grand Hyatt, I took charge of every move and conversation I was surrounded., met some amazing role-model women like Ashu Suyash / MD & CEO / CRISIL, Revati Roy / CEO / Zaffiro Learning and many many more. Each one of them is an inspiring women icon who broke barriers set by not just society or gender stereotypes but also by their own minds. A sense of pride took over that I paved a part of trailblazing in this advancement of women rising.

Mumbai is also very close to heart because of my lovely friends, and evening with them was the best break I took after a long time. SodaBottleOpenerWala, was intriguing and different., the place located in Bandra is relatively small but good ambience and music. Shopping at the Hill Road definitely happens to be chaotic experience but I did bags from junk, posing before Mannat with SRK style was fun.

We had to board the flight at 5:30 PM on Friday, the last day in Hyatt and the hurrying mindset to go back home and stand in the queue for depositing/withdraw of the new Indian cash was the talk in the corridors with my folks. I was a speaker at the diversity best practices session, a powerful insight into the D&I best practices in South Asia, focusing on issues surrounding the workforce, marketplace and culture.

Travelling across cities/ countries is the best dream ever realized, well prepared well networked and always on time to board my flight. The staff in the airport and the crew in the airlines have always been of great support.

We land in Bangalore safely, we reached the baggage collection got our luggage is in place and dad put my wheelchair together., I said “dad looks like there is a small crack near the wheels”? He said don’t worry it should be okay, nothing major and let’s get it fixed once we are home.

I sit on the wheelchair nothings happens, we are happy to go home.

I just click my joystick to the right and boom the right wheel breaks and I fall direct on my face banging the hard floor, the blood breaks through my forehead and everything goes dark for few minutes. I hear my mom yelling my name Deepa Deepa and my dad calling for help.

I hold back, I cannot give up, I cannot give up on my parents feel helpless, I cannot go blank… I should  be with my parents to give them all the strength at the time when I felt the most disabled, lying on the floor I open my eyes to see the blood flowing from my head around my eyes , tripling down my cheeks, ears and feel my mouth bleeding. Mom was crying she was panicked . I knew I have troubled my parents at that point in time., troubled them with my disability. I called out ‘Amma amma’ I will be ok.

I was taken to the emergency with many flocking around me and everyone had a worried face looking at me. With the emergency staff asking so many questions as to why I was in a wheelchair? Did I go on the medical visit to Mumbai? How did I fall off ? I answered everything with shiver all over my body. I hold it back until I saw a Sherwin, an acquaintance with my frequent visits to the airport turned friendship., I knew the situation would be handled, I knew my parents have company to handle the situation, I knew I could take the pain.

She needs to be sutured immediately says a nurse as she is bleeding heavily. She needs an plastic surgeon says an emergency doc, she is young pretty girl. I exit the airport in ambulance to the hospital and I have an 12 suture in middle of my forehead.

I contemplated, I frowned, I hated, I don’t need this situation, I don’t need this pain as it is I do a lot to manage my daily routine and I knew Its easy to break away and resign with some situations but those are the moments that has transforms me to strength.

Writing this post after 3 days I gathered some great strength back, I knew I’m the most luckiest girl ever, the worst hit I took by head and power, I have this  abundance access to love and care by everyone around who know me. Friends, relatives constantly visiting home and ph buzzing to give their love, made me happily happening again and has brought so much strength back to my family.

I was telling a friend, recently I spoke in Tedx Bangalore on ‘Flirting with Disability’ …hmm with all my distortions and my lean chance to find a guy added the new scar on my face 😦 my chances to be hitched would be pretty amazingly nill 😉


@ Grand Hyatt