A universal design in a pregnancy toolkit which can be used by any woman with or without disability, a prosthetic device for lower limb that is dynamic, lightweight, affordable and adjustable to any patient costs just $ 50, or building in a whole new human-centric products and wiki kind of a platform for deaf and hearing community.

Truly a revolution!!!

Last May, I was in Delhi part of the challenge identification among other 5 jury members across the different organization. The process that preceded this jury stage involved working with persons with disabilities from a grass-roots research to identify the key challenges they face.

We evaluated over 50 challenges,. be it accessibility and safety physical infrastructure, access to information & entertainment, affordable assistive devices, affordable services and service providers, mainstream employment and lot more ….

Let me give illustrative examples, Access to information – say a person with hearing disability his/her mode of interaction is through sign language, therefore we need technological solutions for text/sign language to speech and vice-versa or dynamic interpreter services mobile application. Or If we are looking at service providers example caregivers, unlike the US we don’t have qualified caregivers services available. Inaccessible public places, Assistive devices manufactured abroad don’t have spare parts in the country., Barriers to employment in the rural/informal sector.

Being part of EnAble Makeathon(EM2), part of ICRC global innovation hub was a great learning and collaborative experience for me. EM two is a collaborative initiative that simultaneously occurred in London and India bringing the best of innovation and technology. The aim was not only to innovate new solutions for people with disability but to draw together institutions, individuals and companies to invest in prototypes to create a thriving ecosystem of innovation addressing the needs of PWD’s.

Top 12 challenges were identified for  ‘call for application’ as a next step, this was a critical phase where we saw a lot of entrepreneurs, technologist and innovators came forward to participate in the EM2.

EM2 created a correlation between innovators, mentors, technical experts and persons with disabilities who were engaged in designing innovative solutions.

Dipendra Manocha, Saksham Trust.  Anuj Jain, National Association of the Deaf. Himangshu Das, National Institute for Persons with Multiple Disabilities and Catherine Holloway, Global Disability Innovation Hub  we all were part of the jury on challenge identification, the day was filled with so many conversations, we shared how we have big pockets of areas like inclusive education, accessible transport, system of peer support and services that are untouched and potential market space

When it comes to universal design can we bridge the huge gap that exists currently for people with disabilities?

Thinking about universal design my conversation with US Senator Tom Richard Harkins, was how he ensured the ADA (American disability act) State centers ensure to audit every new building to adhere to  the ADA accessibility standards, currently the US government is also signed for universal design for all their driverless cars, think about it, every driverless car has voice-enabled system, ramps and wheelchair accommodation space etc Harkins shares ‘’if we make few products that are accessible the cost definitely goes high because of the separate production, Harkins idea is if we make a mass production which is accessible across all units, the cost of accessibility diminishes”

ICRC Global Innovation Hub has truly set the stage for the next wave in the inclusion and innovation co-creation space. Bringing in together the platforms to ideate & incubate inclusive products and solutions.

We definitely need to take such Enable Makeathon platforms into larger scale and to different cities and to different organisation to invest, innovate, include and impact the larger society.

The team definitely has done extensive research in the background to ensure the right voices where heard throughout the co-creation process. The ICRC team headed by Tarun Sarwal, Innovation Advisor and Sushil Kumar, Innovation Officer chairs behind this co-creation platform., deserve a great appreciation on this commendable launchpad to create the bigger impact that has been set out. The team’s synergies and inclusivity have definitely been a great learning for me. Kudos to Angel Singha & Manas Tiwari.

I have been in the disability advocacy & technology space for 6 years now, on my initial day we spoke about awareness and bringing out faces to People with Ability to true empowerment and enablement that has definitely moved milestones to today creating market space of inclusive services, mainstream opportunities, enabling technology and entrepreneurs that voice the 70 million people with disability in India.

EM2 Jury & core team members


Panel Discussion*- Listening to needs: Humanitarian Innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusivity


Panel Discussion* – Humanitarianism and inclusion: addressing the innovation gap

Mina Mojtahedi, Disability Inclusion Coordinator (ICRC), Preethi Srinivasan, Founder Soulfree & Me


When the going gets tough the tough gets going

Bang you are here to see or know what happen to me!!! I also want to pour out my emotions. Ahhh let me breath typing Life is a mystery and none controls it. With pain around my face, I see my scars emoting so much of my past I have come across with grit. My tears don’t flow easily because I have embraced everything life has for me. Being a girl with a very fragile heart & emotions, I built my strength through every tear, every challenge, every hardship, every disappointment, and every fall …I had to get-up to go beyond the impossible.

Last week was the powerful week being part of global advancement of women that happen in Mumbai, who would have known I equal the race of RISK-TAKERS, CHANGE MAKERS: WOMEN RISING. Today, I stand strong, young, empowered and progressive Indian women with a slight caveat of disability.


Stayed at Grand Hyatt, I took charge of every move and conversation I was surrounded., met some amazing role-model women like Ashu Suyash / MD & CEO / CRISIL, Revati Roy / CEO / Zaffiro Learning and many many more. Each one of them is an inspiring women icon who broke barriers set by not just society or gender stereotypes but also by their own minds. A sense of pride took over that I paved a part of trailblazing in this advancement of women rising.

Mumbai is also very close to heart because of my lovely friends, and evening with them was the best break I took after a long time. SodaBottleOpenerWala, was intriguing and different., the place located in Bandra is relatively small but good ambience and music. Shopping at the Hill Road definitely happens to be chaotic experience but I did bags from junk, posing before Mannat with SRK style was fun.

We had to board the flight at 5:30 PM on Friday, the last day in Hyatt and the hurrying mindset to go back home and stand in the queue for depositing/withdraw of the new Indian cash was the talk in the corridors with my folks. I was a speaker at the diversity best practices session, a powerful insight into the D&I best practices in South Asia, focusing on issues surrounding the workforce, marketplace and culture.

Travelling across cities/ countries is the best dream ever realized, well prepared well networked and always on time to board my flight. The staff in the airport and the crew in the airlines have always been of great support.

We land in Bangalore safely, we reached the baggage collection got our luggage is in place and dad put my wheelchair together., I said “dad looks like there is a small crack near the wheels”? He said don’t worry it should be okay, nothing major and let’s get it fixed once we are home.

I sit on the wheelchair nothings happens, we are happy to go home.

I just click my joystick to the right and boom the right wheel breaks and I fall direct on my face banging the hard floor, the blood breaks through my forehead and everything goes dark for few minutes. I hear my mom yelling my name Deepa Deepa and my dad calling for help.

I hold back, I cannot give up, I cannot give up on my parents feel helpless, I cannot go blank… I should  be with my parents to give them all the strength at the time when I felt the most disabled, lying on the floor I open my eyes to see the blood flowing from my head around my eyes , tripling down my cheeks, ears and feel my mouth bleeding. Mom was crying she was panicked . I knew I have troubled my parents at that point in time., troubled them with my disability. I called out ‘Amma amma’ I will be ok.

I was taken to the emergency with many flocking around me and everyone had a worried face looking at me. With the emergency staff asking so many questions as to why I was in a wheelchair? Did I go on the medical visit to Mumbai? How did I fall off ? I answered everything with shiver all over my body. I hold it back until I saw a Sherwin, an acquaintance with my frequent visits to the airport turned friendship., I knew the situation would be handled, I knew my parents have company to handle the situation, I knew I could take the pain.

She needs to be sutured immediately says a nurse as she is bleeding heavily. She needs an plastic surgeon says an emergency doc, she is young pretty girl. I exit the airport in ambulance to the hospital and I have an 12 suture in middle of my forehead.

I contemplated, I frowned, I hated, I don’t need this situation, I don’t need this pain as it is I do a lot to manage my daily routine and I knew Its easy to break away and resign with some situations but those are the moments that has transforms me to strength.

Writing this post after 3 days I gathered some great strength back, I knew I’m the most luckiest girl ever, the worst hit I took by head and power, I have this  abundance access to love and care by everyone around who know me. Friends, relatives constantly visiting home and ph buzzing to give their love, made me happily happening again and has brought so much strength back to my family.

I was telling a friend, recently I spoke in Tedx Bangalore on ‘Flirting with Disability’ …hmm with all my distortions and my lean chance to find a guy added the new scar on my face 😦 my chances to be hitched would be pretty amazingly nill 😉


@ Grand Hyatt

Power of Love that revolve the Universe!!!

No, no in a vehement denial, I hear the girl baby was abandoned wrapped in bundle of clothes thrown near a railway track, another was considered bad omen to a well-educated family who recklessly gives away a baby girl, a new comer just 90 days 3 months old found in a drainage left to fend for herself, all these baby girls are orphaned to battle life for themselves by their loved once., just because they were born like that …

My visit to Swanthana was long due, and I decided to go on my birthday with my niece Nrutya (6yrs old), previous night we both go shop for the kids, Nrutya picked everything she put her eyes on books, crayons, haribands, hairclips, balloons, dresses, chocolates and cakes. On way Nrutya gets excited to meet everyone, just to make her understand where I’m taking her ‘I tell Nrutya, the babies and girls we are meeting do not family like us …She was curious to know why, but I just told; they need all your love Nrutya, just like how you love athai (me). She smiles and says I love you so much athai, it’s your birthday.

Swanthana, started in 2006 and is run by the Daughters of St. Camillus. Swanthana opens its doors to all children with special needs; the children’s of Swanthana are mostly brought by the local police who found them abandoned in the garbage bins, city’s railway and bus yards, filthy drainage pipes. Currently, Swanthana has 46 girls between the ages 3 months and 20 years, who are mentally challenged and have multiple disabilities.

Deepthi quickly was attached chatting with me, wanted to know how to move my wheelchair joystick. She got onto my footrest happily asking me about how I move, while talking to Regina Sister I gotto know she was abandoned by family considering the baby is curse, today the girl is doing so well, she had to go through multiple brain surgery but she has improved. Lia the talkative and naughtiest, when asked what is your name? pronouncing letters says L I A, Lia as often everyone mistake it to Ria. Lia 3yr old found battling life at 5 months, Lia had a second head grown behind and after many surgeries and with proper  nursing care and nutrition, Lia is sharpest kid for 3yrs old. Amu, with her cutest smile waived ‘Hi’ with an innocent shy., Amu was affected on both her limbs is most determined to stand on her own feet. She constantly need orthopedic care and her physiotherapist has seen her fast improvement to stand with support of calipers. Aashiqui goes to nearby school, some girls go to school and some are rejected to get admission. Aashiqui is studying 3rd class speaks fluent English., this darling had deformed jaw line when born., like others multiple surgery has survived the kid. Many many more kids have more to their harsh truth of life and journeys.

While tears rolled down my eyes with lots of questions about motherhood, ignorance, poverty, helplessness, resentments, circumstance, what choices did the kids have when born? who’s cursed? who suffers? I was feeling lost, I was not entirely sure to follow all my emotions, my childhood memories lasts deep within …my folks, my grandparents everyone cared securing me, my strengths, my wellness, my education, my feeling, emotions, hopes, dreams. While completely ignoring euphemism what others dare to negatively sympathies our lives.

Today most care at Swanthana comes from 11 nuns and 15 caretakers round the clock taking good care of the kids, all the girls speak minimum 4 languages, depends who is volunteering around the world to pour love and plant hopes in their hearts., Each child exhibit so much potential when given an opportunity,


Amu Smiles

Amu’s cute smile.

Chatting with Deepthi

Chatty with Deepthi

Deepthi loves my joystick

Deepthi loves my joystick

Nrutya (r) and Aashiqui (l). Nrutya was also emotional, she didn't know how to express. But wants to them often.

Nrutya (r) and Aashiqui (l). Nrutya was also emotional, she didn’t know how to express. But wants to visit them often.

Swanthana family

Blessed Swanthana family!

Lia playing with balloon

I just love Lia.

A rare spirit of a father, changing millions of strides!

It was a usual tiring Monday evening (2014), on way back home from work… looking at bright red lights of the slow moving traffic with my thumping fast music in car,  my phone rang an unknown number, I picked the call &  heard ‘Hi, I am Prasanna Shirol’ can I talk to you now Deepa? Good time? The next 40 min of the call I was moved and touched by how a love of a father to his daughter transcend hope & future to many.

Prasanna quit his years of career to support and attend his only cute daughter ‘Nidhi Shirol’, Nidhi suffers from a rarest genetic disorder called Pompe, she breaths through a support of portable ventilator and suction machine tugged behind her wheelchair. Sharadha aunty, her mother goes to her college everyday and both daughter & mother found ways to get things done when dad is away traveling. While the medical bills pilled to be on a ventilator 24 hrs, enzyme therapy which costs few lakhs and need Rs 1.5 crore annually, which they manage to get from sponsorship/charity.

For Prasanna and Sharada it has been a relentless fight to keep their precious one alive. I quote from one of the article published, “Why should we give up when she’s fighting? Every time she goes to hospital, she exercises and finds a nerve for the injection. She has never cribbed. Many people have told me that I am fighting nature. But when she wants to live, how can we sit back?”

Organization for Rare Diseases India (ORDI) was founded basis these exuberant journey Prasanna had gone through for his loving daughter. When talking to Prasanna one can never tell he is from Business Management background and has acquired depth of knowledge on genomics and biology of diseases just to start supporting Nidhi. In midst of leading Doctors and genomics scientist, Prasanna represents India in various conferences and meetings internationally to develop a strong network of international Parent and Rare disease groups. ORDI Officially launched  on February 18, 2014, their vision is to make rare diseases diagnosable and treatable just like other diseases such as diabetes, cancer etc. in India. ORDI identifies the grand challenges faced by the rare diseases community in India and is committed to systematically and holistically addressing those challenges.

I have known Prasanna for 2yrs now, on our first call he mentioned about the concept 7000 RARE DISEASES, 7000 PEOPLE RUNNING. Today I was part of the pride stride…,  ‘Race for 7’ kick started with huge supporters who ran 7000 meters from St Joseph high grounds to Cubbon park, every runners bib carried the name of the rare disease encouraging each one of them to spread awareness, to empower patients and their families. Matching strides with rare disease patients ensured they are not running a losing race but everyone coming together for winning strides.

I was diagnosed with rare neuro-muscular condition call ‘Spinal Muscular Atrophy’ (SMA), eating away my muscle strength gradually over the years  but what replaced every weakness was my parents dreams and support for me. I personally experience everything that my folks had to do from my childhood till date, my gratitude to them is every breath I take, every single day. I see the family of Shirol share the same strength and smiles as we do 🙂 living hopes for many such…

with Nidhi Shirol

with Nidhi Shirol

the bell rings with 1000's of supporter for 'Race for 7'

the bell rings with 1000’s of supporter for ‘Race for 7’

with Prasanna Shirol and Dr Meenakshi Bhatt, Consultant, Clinical Genetics

with Prasanna Shirol and Dr Meenakshi Bhatt, Consultant, Clinical Genetics

Experiences that zoooooomed miles deep within!

When I zoomed into Vinayas Innovative Technology campus, the welcome reception wall carries vivid mural of banyan tree with thumb prints of employees branching with the company’s vision and mission statements. Mr. Narendra, Chairman of Vinayas said ‘’Deepa you will be accompanied by Ram for the site visit today and he is our best person handling the front office. Someone who never misses a single call at the reception. I heard a bright voice towards us ‘Hi Deepa Ma’am, Good Morning Nice to see you’. ‘I said ‘hello Ram, this is my first visit to Electronic Manufacturing unit and I’m  excited’… Ram quickly walked us through each department and was extremely sharp with introducing everyone with their accurate names, job roles. Some gave us big smiles and some were busy bent working on printed PCB boards, inserting capacitors., soldering etc. I got to interact with Supervisors of each dept who shared the work flow and met many of their employees with different types disabilities who were star performers employed in various high precision jobs. Ram Appaiah was among the 14 others with intellectual disability who were employed at various dept in the company.

Sitting in board room with Narendra I learnt a lot about his leadership, and his vision towards inclusion and how it all begin with his father being the inspiration. Today Vinaya’s has 12% of its total workforce of diverse employees, they are the role model in enabling person with mental disabilities, the healthy and happy employees are leading path to many manufacturing companies follow their inclusion trend around Mysore.

My favorite moment was when I gotto click picture with the awesome 14 and management team, beaming with bright smile & totally charged up I zoomed to my next stop…

‘Samartha 2016’ is an annual event by Rotary Mysore Midtown, were industrialist, NGO’s and voluntary organization come together in highlighting importance of inclusivity and recognition for role model  employers employing person with disabilities. I had chance to meet and interact with some enthusiastic and experienced Rotarian’s, the Club 15742 Dist 3180. Seated with the dignitaries I experience how Rotary Mysore Midtown was pioneering in several innovative and path breaking objectives in benchmarking projects benefitting the local communities, esp the initiatives taken to empower persons with intellectual disabilities has been diligent and outstanding.

I shared the stage with my Guru and mentor Shanti Raghavan …it was a moment of pride and emotions for me. As guest speaker, I took chance to highlight some of my learning as diversity lead and highlighted key diversity programs of EMC and our journey in this inclusion. The event concluded honoring Café Coffee Day and Emerald Jewelers for their outstanding work. During the networking dinner lots of parents and NGO’s shared their stories as to how these initiatives changed their lives for better and how some wanted opportunities who possessed BE, BTech qualifications.

The next day that’s the 20th of Feb, I was to visit a college and address 150 students, Zooming into the college campus I was lost in thoughts as to how I missed my college life with that the car halted to a big entrance that read ‘JSS POLYTECHNIC FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED”.  The principal’s room had a photo of buildings inaugurated by Former Honorable Prime Minister Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee on 3 rd January 1999. The state-of-the-art facilities provided accessible infrastructure, canteen facility, hostel accommodation and offered 6 main diploma courses – Electronics And Communications Engineering, Computer Science And Engineering, Architecture, Commercial Practice, Computer Applications for VI, Jewellery Design And Manufacture Technology.

Mr. Shekar Nagaiah Principal was so humble to walk me around the college campus explaining individual dept and introducing to lectures and sign language teachers. The event gathered 150 final year students of CS, I could see these bright students who will change the future of India soon, and some gave a bright smile and welcomed me with sign language. I shared my journey on how I self-taught my subjects most of my college life and emphasized of self-employment/ entrepreneurship for students who wanted to create their own. I struggled 3yrs to find my job but I was busy being a freelancer back then building website and flash designs for institutes, small firms and NGO’s… a time when WWW consortium was on boom. I told everyone to dream big and never underdetermine oneself., we need such bright talent across corporates and will be happy to spread the word on JSSPDA students to my corporate network. I received huge silent applause when I said I will get my MD ‘Sarv Saravanan’ and my boss ‘Chandrashekar Krishnamurty’ address the students soon. I left the stage with best wishes to all the students and I shall will keep visiting them often.

All this lovely experience was made possible by my dearest uncle Bhanuchandaran, this visit made realize we have an awesome and humble human being, philanthropist amongst our family., I was deeply moved to hear from every Rotarian  and community talking so highly about uncle. Uncle is a strategic business consultant, SBC Consulting is led by him. Ex-President of Mysore Rotary’s award winning Rotarian and a very caring dad. I’m so thankful for him to invite tme to Samartha and JSS which brought about so much perceptive to my life and what I’ll be doing going forward, this experience has totally charged me up. Uncle surely won a heart of another daughter 🙂 Mysore will be close calls from now onwards.

Mural of banyan tree with thumb prints of employees

Mural of banyan tree with thumb prints of employees

Vinayas Innovative Technology happy employees.

Vinayas Innovative Technology happy employees.

My favorite photo, Ram stands towards the right end corner.

My favorite photo, Ram stands towards the right end corner.

With 150 final year students of JSSPDA CS.

With 150 final year students of JSSPDA CS.

with my dearest uncle Bhanuchandaran

with my dearest uncle Bhanuchandaran

Media publications about SAMARTHA 2016

Media publications about SAMARTHA 2016

n my first ride and all the zoom zoom in ZoomCar

n my first ride and all the zoom zoom in ZoomCar

Step forward to Inclusive India!

What happens when we are totally aware of the geographic/community/environment we operate? We definitely become sensitive and responsible to many aspects of our eco-system and we’ve seen how education, politics, industries, science, technology, communities and individuals bring disruptive patterns with this awareness.

Over few years we all have evolved certainly to larger extend of positive and meaningful disruption to mankind. Like there many things we can talk about from humanized robot to our very critical Skill India campaign that needs momentum but today I’m gonna talk about CSR (corporate social responsibility)

CSR by definition that every company is responsible towards its community and environment. CSR has been gaining lots of wins in societal awareness, changing lives of many. Lik my company, EMC has made CSR strategy a primary focus, for ex one of our main focus area is education, the school adoption program has enabled thousands of rural students to get access to: classrooms to study, computer lab, mobile science lab, clean restrooms and drinking water facility and this has opened meaningful volunteering opportunity to EMC employees where they actively involved in bringing about these initiatives and being responsible. 1.4 million children aged 6-14 remain out of school in India, means we still have long way to go.

Likewise I was guest speaker of ‘1 Step’ an L&T Infotech CSR launch event partnering with Seva-in Action (SiA), organized a Special Quiz exclusively for children with disabilities this  Saturday. Seated with the audience I was blown away by the talent showcased by these kids, Quizabled 2016 set an amazing platform to these children with intellectual disabilities, autism, hearing and visual impairment in quizzing and broke the myths around children with intellectual disabilities. Their smartness, quick responses and knowledge defined their strong ability. Ruma Banerjee chair of SiA said apart from the 30 schools, the parents of many took active involvement in participation of their children, with 160 participants. Discussing with Venkataraman, Head of Global Business Operations., L&T Infotech highlighted their key program on remote class room training they conducted digitally to rural school, such program basis technology plays a great enabler. Kudos to Vinod CSR Lead L&T and 90 + Volunteers 20 rep from Seva in action,3 quiz masters pulling together a meaningful initiative, hope this goes into annual calendar and more joining hands for Quizable.

When I rewind time, I started work 8 years back,. being a women and in a wheelchair… I felt I was the only person so unique and different zooming around the corridors of my office, …I was quickly identified even in crowd of 1000 people, I was watched… sometimes stared, some questioned what made me strong, why I choose to work or rather how I gain experience to work, one person even told me he has lot of questions to ask about my smile & will J

Today we are mainstream, we all are players in this inclusion and unique prospects.


Wow as the year 2015 trickles down… Love 2016!!!

Wow as the year 2015 trickles down, penning this post with fresh memories of months gone by astounds me. It’s been busiest year with so many many things I got involved, connected with some amazing people, stories of many that changed my deeper connect to courage & spirit, saw a country filled with Buddha sculptures and neon lights, featured in a popular youtube channel on unsung topic of ‘Sexualtity’ & ‘Disability’ with Lakshmi & Kalki Koechlin, staged bigger platforms as motivational speaker, corporate panelist, represented my company on receiving international awards, hosted world’s largest platform that fosters diversity & inclusion in India, checked few from my bucket list (yaaaayyyyeee) and a sudden surprise call from government to felicitate me with a state level award. Kept me going with many such…

Biggest realization is how I could take Amma & Appa to some international tours, because if we rewind time they know., I know, how much they wanted me to explore  the world just outside my home. They are proud of me that I never gave upon life and currently spent big time on such worldly explorations 😉 … also not everyone gets as lucky as me to have all amazing time with Appa Amma.

N Everytime I get on stage to speak, I connect to the deeper meanings and depth to all my  life instances and experiences.  I have indeed come a long long way …to be heard and to be known 🙂

But everytime I manifest a dream, I introspect more to my inner peace, to calm myself and to transcend all this limitations of thought, emotion and action.

Happy New Year to All.  Love & Peace


Bangkok, Oriental setting

Like a song from the 80’s by Murray Head ‘One night in Bangkok’ playing my list, this post is about the beautiful oriental city I visited recently.

I was in love with the city, Bangkok was vibrant and beaming with its rapid modernization. It’s one of top tourist destination for many pouring around the world, captivated by its history, urban tall storey buildings and shopping malls.

We landed at ‘Siam Kempinski’ a 5 star hotel wowed us with its grandeur lobby with Thai elements and European design, and the luxury of staying at pool side of balcony and spacious bathroom with jagguzi, I never wanted to leave the room.

But I longed to visit ‘Wat Muang’ Great Buddha of Thailand or known as The Big Buddha stands 300 ft high, with a radiant gold painted sits the ninth tallest Buddha statue in the world. Looking at the Buddha with the sky and cloud moving made my heart felt lighter as peace seeped inside me. The temple also has representation of heaven and hell figures, good and bad deeds, Thai god paradise and a huge statue of Kuan Im goddess.

On the move it was Buddha along a muddy old river or a longest peaceful reclining Buddha, lying in an open area.  I could’nt get enough of listening to history of  Burmese war the monastery of Wat Maha That in old capital city Ayutthaya, built to house a relic of Buddha, this is a Vipassana Meditation centre back then. This place is way bigger and drains the water in us with no shades, I could see the body and head of Buddha separated during war periods ..but I stood calmly watching the wonders of Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

The song goes on with God in every golden cloister A little flesh, a little history I can feel an angel slidin’ up to me. Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) is a must visit, the statue gleams with solid-gold and housed in four-storey marble structure. The place so scared with such richness and purity that even the most world-weary are inspired by its strength and power.

Most of time I didn’t feel eating in the land of Oysters with inexhaustible fragrance of Shrimps but we managed to keep hydrated with fresh tender coconuts, and lunch consist of  a bowl of fragrant Thai rice and green curry made with coconut milk, green curry paste alongside roasted cashews, sweet soy sauce, onions, chilies, pepper, carrot and loads of salads & fruits.

Shopping shop shop everyplace we went be it at The Royal Grand Palace, Bang PaIn Royal Palace, Baiyoke sky and Floating market. We most enjoyed were The Thai Village Cultural Show at the Rose Garden, we loved the Bamboo Dance and mythical traditions. Thai kickboxing and sword fighting; a traditional wedding ceremony.

Bangkok much between despair and ecstasy and the city didn’t know what the city was getting, The bomb blast was at close proximity from where we stayed, Ratchaprasong intersection was busy with tourists and the area was home to many shopping malls and hotels. I just came back from the area of The Erawan Shrine which had beautiful sculptures of Brahma & Ganesh 5 minutes back, we heard a big thunder like sound and saw thick smoke in the cloud from our hotel balcony., much to our confusions it was a bomb. Thanks to lord we & other participants attending the Disability Matters Conference from 7 different countries were safe.

The trip was possible because of Prasong who runs Wheelchair Tours Thailand, the comfort of a Toyota commuter with wheelchair hydraulic lift made my travel easy and smooth. Great hospitality by our English speaking guide Nattadej and our chauffeur. Special thanks to Prasong who took time to meet us with family, we were humbled meeting you all and the amazing service.

Rolling up a country filled with Buddhist values & Buddha and This journey of me seeking Buddha in every walk of my life realized the Power of Divinity and the Power of Now.


Wat Maung

In front on The Great Buddha_Wat Maung

Floating Market Shopping

Floating Market Shopping

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Thai Veggies ;) I survived

Thai Veggies 😉 we survived

At Asiatique Riverfront with Prasong & family, who runs Wheelchair accessible tourist services.

At Asiatique Riverfront with Prasong & family, who runs Wheelchair accessible tourist services in Thailand.

People in Hell

Giant figures of People in Hell

The temple of Golden Buddha

The temple of Golden Buddha

Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

Buddha’s head entangled with the roots under a Bodhi tree.

With Nattadej and our chauffeur, accessible van in background

Nattadej and our chauffeur, with accessible luxurious toyota commuter in background


On beauty and what makes me feel beautiful!! Beauty Without Borders.

Absolutely, not always have I had my option to share my thoughts on beauty and what really I think of how it allow us to appreciate it in all its diverse manifestations.

The, new in town strive to make sustainability a way of life through conversations, everyday choices and practices that can lend itself to positive social impact.

The Alternative, as part of the campaign, the theme is Beauty Without Borders. The aim is to go beyond physical beauty, beyond external features and conventional notions of beauty and recognise it in all its diverse forms.

The focus is on women, primarily because the pressure on women to conform to conventional notions of beauty is much much more than it is on men.

Here my bit of mind to this revolution, thanks to Maya Kilpadi to interview me on this close to heart topic:

Share and comment your views